Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I just had a lovely weekend: Three days instead of two because of Labor Day, a good mixture of outdoor activities (with the bikes, yes!), meeting people and just relax. National Parks visited: 1; Movies seen: 1; Dinners with the Spanish group: 1; Houses liked: 3; Houses loved: 1; Houses found: 0

On Sunday we went to Pelee National Park, right at Lake Erie.  Water, waves, forest, fields - and just really beautiful. We spent our day with the bikes and at about 80 percent humidity of the air. Uaa! Did´t like that. Afterwards we stopped by a little stand of vegetables in Leamington ("good things grow in Ontario") to buy a ton of fresh tomatoes and peppers. Actually Heinz has its Canada ketchup factory in Leamington. And I love ketchup (don´t tell!).

Last week there was the corn festival, so we took advantage and had corn with butter and salt on a cute little stand right at the highway.

All in all: A perfect weekend.

Have a good week everybody :)


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  1. Hey!! You two look great! ;-) Foto1 looks a bit like the ocean hehe

    Yummiee vegetables!!!

    Good luck with the houses! :-D


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