Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Ok, ok...this post is not about my plans about the upcoming weekend, but about the last one. A mixture of busy- and lazyness kept me from writing this post earlier. Also I have to mention that I am working here with a  very slooooooooooooow laptop (from 2000 aprox.), no mouse and without the possibility to upload my iphone photos to itunes. Yes, I have to send photo by photo to my e-mail account and then save photo by photo. Luckily soon this will be over, we are moving on Friday!
Here we go:

A shopping trip to the Great Lake Outlet Mall in Michigan, where I ended up with some nice pants and a cute turqoise hat.
We are now discovering all kinds of northamerican sports. This week: Icehockey with the Windsor Spitfires! Cool! I liked it a lot more than American Football. It´s a lot faster and just a lot more fun to watch.
Ah...and we still haven´t moved house, but Noa already has. She loves the pink box of my bike helmet because it´s a good combination of entertaining, eating and sleeping.

Have a good rest of the week!



  1. Oh Toll Eishockey, das ist sicher spannend :-D

    Freu mich dann schon auf eure Haustour!!

  2. Estás TAAAN guapa... que ni siquiera Noa te supera. :)


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