Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The forgotten city

Every day things get a little more organized here and we finally found the time to put all the photos we´ve taken so far with the good (real´ good) camera on the computer. Remember my post about Detroit? Now I will complete it with some more pictures. I think it´s a real pity Detroit is so down and has been down for such a long time. After all the glorious times this city has seen... When you are strolling around, seeing the skyscrapers, the Renaissance Building (General Motors building on the first pic) and everything, you get almost a feeling of New York! But when you take a closer look, you will see windows without windows, beautiful buildings falling apart and just very few people in the streets. And you´re noticing it´s not New York at all ! What´s missing in Detroit is the life.

For some really impressive pictures, narrating the Detroit´s sad story, I recommend visiting this photostory, published by the Time Magazine. To me it´s like a bittersweet symphony and really: sooooo impressive! Anyway, my harmless version (with a peek at the lovely craft market we visited at the Russell Center) comes right here:

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