Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hello again!

Eventually a video says more than a thousand words. That´s why I decided to ask Howard "Howie" Carpendale to say "Hello again!" for me :) :) :) Enjoy!

Nooooo, seriously (and for all of you who know Howie and skipped the video directly): I am back again! My two new flatmates Mr. Hippo and Mr. Bird and I finally say "Hello!" again.

What two months have a spent and I can´t believe it´s almost four months since I arrived to Canada. Finally I am sitting on a proper table with my Mac and an acceptable keyboard and mouse, ready to talk about my adventures. To cut a long (two-months-long story) short, here comes my summary:
stopped blogging - moved in to our house - upacked 105 boxes (with boxes in the boxes) - visited Niagra Falls - went to a crazy Halloween Party (as the shining twins with Dani) - started "Desperate Housewife Lunches with the other Spanish/Mexican girls - got a visit from my mum - signed up to a conversational class in the library - went to New York - got my driver´s license (this one is a reaaaaally good story...I just had to swap it for my Austrian one, while all the Spanish had to do a theoretical and practical exam. So happy, sorry ;)) - received several petitions for blogging again - blogging again.

Lots of love and see you soon,



  1. Julita mía, me encanta saber que has vuelto "por aquí".
    Es como si un blog fuera un hilito que uniera dos continentes... :)

    ¡Te echo de menos y no sabes cuantísimo me odio!


    PD.- Las niñitas de The Shinning somos también Gaby y yoo! :P

  2. Welcome back pequeña Martha Stewart!! ;-D

  3. Oh yes! Martha´s back. wait for my blogpost, I am about to post. :)


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