Thursday, December 8, 2011

Autumn in New York

At the beginning of November we escaped to New York for a weekend. Yes! Just a weekend. What an akward experience to get into a plane and arrive in the city that never sleeps within just two hours and no jetlag! 

It was my third time in New York, so I had already done all the sightseeing before, I finally had the time to enjoy my time just walking around and enjoy autumn (especially in Central Park), drinking coffees in cute little caf├ęs, go shopping and discover some really cool places. These three were my favourites:

A candy store for those who love to knit and sew. What a colourful store full of fabrics, wool, embroidery accessories, craft books and so much more. Absolutely worth a visit! If you check out their website you will find that they also have a blog on which they share ideas and inspirations. 

After my friend Gaby (who I met there) had saved me one of birthday truffles from momofuku´s milkbar, I just had to visit this place. Delicious and giant croissants with cinnamon, more cake truffles (I have to learn how to do them) and the time we went there, they had a Thanksgiving croissant, stuffed with turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes and grave. A whole Thanksgiving Dinner in a croissant! Gracias Gaby y gracias Dani for this tipp!

Welcome to the world of beautiful kitch! I loved all the garlands, Japanese paper balloons, lanterns, fabrics, clothes,  journals and colourful fabrics they had there. 

¡Viva New York and have a good day!

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