Monday, December 19, 2011

My 2011

What a year I am looking back at! 12 month after celebrating 2011 it´s nothing what I imagined it to be. Here are some or more of my monthly highlights.

01//  I celebrate Christmas and New Year´s Eve in Granada. It´s the first time I am not at home in Linz.

02// I change jobs and meet the best colleagues ever! After a four years struggle to find work related to Communications, I am at home at last.

03// Some of the best colleagues and I are going skiing to the Pyrenees. On the same day we also go rafting. Big fear, but finally big fun! ¡Chicas locas!

04// Dani and I go to Linz for the Easter break. We take the bikes at the riverside of the Danube, enjoy the coffee houses and go to the casino. I find Linz better than ever (not the casino, though).

05// I take an unexpected business trip to Paris, for just 20 hours. Stuck in pompom and decorating mania in our apartment. 

06// My flowers are blooming, my vegetables  growing and growing. I planted tomatoes, radish, herbs and even pumkins. I am a very happy gardener!

07// The economic crisis is hitting Spain so badly, especially construction is affected. Dani tells me about Canada for the first time. They construct a highway close to the US border. It´s one of Ontario´s biggest projects. We are thinking, calculating, talking. I am afraid and curious at the same time.

08// Desicion made! Within four days we pack up everything and make the move. I get an arepas-dinner and the most spectacular DIY recipe book from my friends at work. Bye bye Barcelona, hello Windsor! I start blogging. It´s so much fun!

09// We are looking for a house...uff! I start with Yoga. Hmmm!

10// Found: our home for the next three years. Small, but with a backyard. I will be a happy gardener again! My mom visits us and helps a lot. We visit Niagra Falls. My first real Halloween. 

11// We go to New York for a weekend. 

12// A care package from my mum arrives...snif, snif! I bake lots of Christmas cookies and get addicted to knitting.

I want to say a big Thank You to everybody who has shared this year with me, supporting me, whatever decision I have made!

Tissues away now, tomorrow I´ll continue with none-sentimental postings again ;)

Have a good manic Monday,



  1. What an intense year!

  2. Pretty much the same happened to me ;) I am happy to share it with you!

  3. Na dann komm gut heim! Vielleicht trifft man sich ja beim Glühweinstand :-)

  4. Whas Not only intens for both of you! It Whas also strength for the both familys!!! But very intresting and we feel proudness and happyness with you both.
    By this Time
    Felize navidad y prospero año nuevo��

  5. Adoro a 2011 por haberme dejado conocerte. Miss you!


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