Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday, sunday //2

What a lazy sunday...a hangover sunday after the Christmas party yesterday. So I took advantage and started covering my house all over with washi tape (masking tape). I had seen it on one of our shopping trips to Detroit already, but when we went there again yesterday, I just couldn´t resist anymore. I know I am a little late. There are already lots of blogs and websites which cover that topic. But do you know what? Better late than never! So I made some first tries and decided to cheer up our dining room with a "ñam". It didn´t turn out as flawless as I had hoped, but I still like it. I mean, for a first try... Then I also put some stars on the mirror and on the studio window. Looks a little flowery though, doesn´t it? No wall, no window will be safe from now on!

By the way: Seeing these photos now on my blog, it makes me even more want to paint all the walls in our new home white. This "mud colour" does not work for me at all!

Oops, gotta run already to the next Christmas party!
Have a lovely third advent everyone!



  1. Hallo! I just saw your pictures and wanted to say that they are really cool ( even the wall colour is not that bad ;). Keep posting!!

  2. Sieht schön aus! Ich bin auch etwas masking tape verrückt zurzeit...

    Ich mag deinen Tape Halter, der ist echt großartig!


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