Friday, September 9, 2011

105 items, 10 minutes and a day in Toronto - or at least close by

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present: Our packing list. But not only is it a packing list, no no nooooo. It´s also the reason for the probably most stupid trip I have ever made: All in all eight hours in the car from Windsor to Toronto and back again for just ten minutes of problem solving!
I haven´t mentioned it before, but our container with all our furniture (and some other useful and not so useful stuff) had already arrived to Montreal last Friday. Wow! They were fast. To clear costums and store the container we wanted to haave shipped the baby to Windsor. And yeah, fantastic...they shipped it to Toronto right away! Poor Dani has been on the telephone with the Spanish company and the Canadian representation, has written e-mails and tried everything to get that container to Windsor, but nope! A telephone call this morning and I already found myself sitting in the car, heading to Toronto. I was prepared for an inspection of the container and some trouble. But finally the only thing we had to do was to translate the items (105 - ahhm boxes in fact) from our packing list in Spain from Spanish to English (still thanking my English teacher for the extensive lessons on the "housing" unit). That was done in ten minutes and we were ready to go again.(Oh, I have to mention, I did´t see a thing of Toronto. Costum is located at the airport...) Ah, and everything we have shipped to Canada has to be removed once our visa has expired. Lovely! So even if my fridge breakes, my shoes are not wearable anymore, if a glass falls down or my mirror breaks - in three years it has to leave Canada. In my mind I am already preparing a room for shipable garbage :) :)

Have a good weekend everybody!



  1. Ui das klingt ja nach Stress!

    Euch auch ein schönes Wochenende!! ;-)

  2. Julieta!!! Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag! Moltes felicitats desde Terrassa. El Milch & Zucker os echa muchisimo de menos. Vamos a tomar un cava o dos a tu salud y tus proximos 100 años!
    300 besos de Maren y Xavi!!!!


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