Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I miss...and what not

Photo from here

I miss about Spain...
My friends
Jamóoooooon con pa amb tomaquet
My terrasse
Good coffee
Going shopping just walking
Gazpacho every day

I don´t miss about Spain...
My neighbour drying her hair every Sunday at 8 in the morning
People peeing in the streets
One-hour-train rides to get to work
Going to dinner at 10 pm
Starting going out at midnight
Annoying and persistent calls from telephone companies


  1. I miss about Julia

    Her sweetness
    Her smile saying me "Buenos díaas" every morning when I arrived to work
    Her delicate, ironic and fabulous sense of humour
    Her mature thoughts despite being still so young
    Her fondness to the Cuineta's Cous-Cous
    Her warm heart inside the freezing office
    Her love to cats and M&M's

    I don't miss about Julia

    Watching her office chair empty at 8 PM
    ... and that's all.

  2. Esther! Loca! :) :) Te mereces tu un post solamente sobre tí! Qué bonito, muchas gracias. Y es verdadverdad: Me olvidé totalmente del Cous-Cous....qué riiiiiicoooooo. Un abrazo, mañana te contestaré tu mail.

  3. ¡Bonita túu!

    Respóndeme cuando puedas... La cuestión es cambiar epistolarmente la distancia geográfica: ¡que freezy Windsor y Barcelona estén super juntitos!

    Mua :)

  4. ¿Y a tu ex jefa from hell no la extrañas ni un poquito? ;-) Está pendiente, que tu sustituta viene hasta a por tu silla!! ya te enviaremos fotos del traspaso oficial que es a partir del lunes. No hay tres mosqueteras si falta una...we miss you badly my dear!


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