Monday, September 19, 2011


This weekend had to highlights: A shared birthday party with just toooooooooooo many presents from people I barely know for one month! Muchas gracias, que me encantan! We got together in the community room of one of our friends´apartment buildings for some drinks and food. Really nice and the time went by so quick.

The other highlight was my first American Football game in Detroit yesterday. Detroit Lions against Kansas Chiefs. "Go Lions Go!" And that not knowing the rules...oh boy! A strange game, a lot slower than football because the stop the game so often (also because of the commercial breaks). I know it sounds crazy, but here TV can tell when the game has to be interrupted for commercials. Somehow it gave me the impression that here first it was commercials and they where looking for some way to display it...and then sports came in. In Europe (still) it´s the other way round. So I was watching more than three hours of football, having a hotdog and enjoying this truly American experience.

Have a good week :)


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