Friday, December 30, 2011

Bye bye 2011, hello 2012

The end of 2011 has come flying, I have to say!  I normally don´t do "To Do Lists" for the new year (yes, I could do more sports), but since 2012 will also be the year I will turn 30 (!), I thought of writing down a few things I would like to acomplish or just simply do or maintain in this upcoming year, as they come to my mind:

▲ Learn how to sew and maybe enroll in sewing classes
▲ Investigate and find out more about photographing and photo editing
Cook lasagne
▲ Use my Diana Mini more often
▲ Finish my DAF course to be a German teacher
▲ Finding a nice job, maybe part-time
▲ Keep on blogging and dare commenting more on other blogs
▲ Travel to a place I have never been
▲ Write e-mails more regularily
▲ Paint our house (from the inside)
▲ Grow vegetables I have never grown (chili? lemongrass? carrots? zucchini?)
▲ Buy wine, get into bars and other venues without showing my ID and without being thought of as   being 16 (don´t know if I can really influence that)
▲ Say "No" more often

Any other meaningful or meaningless plans out there?

I wish you all a happy new year and hope to see you around here some time again!

Lots of love,

(Photo from Cuba Gallery)


  1. Gute Vorsätze für 2012 habe ich nur einen: mehr von dem tun, was mir guttut. :-)
    Dir auch ein fantastisches neues Jahr!

  2. Ich sollte auch öfter Nein sagen....
    Denn Punkt mit dem Aussehen wie 16 kann ich nicht ganz nachvollziehen, freu dich doch darüber! Bald genug sehen alle um dich superalt aus, nur du siehst mit 40 aus wie Mitte 20 :-)

  3. I like your "To do list"!!! and i can teach you how cook lasagna, Alex says that i cook this very well!
    I miss you!!!


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