Monday, December 26, 2011

Croco loco

Tatarataaaaa...I am revealing my Christmas gift I talked about before in this post. It´s a croco loco!

What do you think? I made it for my mum, and I am really happy and proud of the result. Although there are some tricky parts in it and you have to do a lot of counting, let me tell you, that this can be a nice project for a beginner with a little practice! Yes, you heard right! It´s just made out of right stitches (I am not sure if it is called like that..what I mean is the simplest form of knitting stitches). I had seen the scarf on a Pinterest board on the internet and started looking for patterns. Because one thing is true: Without a pattern I wouldn´t have managed. Maybe an experienced knitter could! Anyway, I found the pattern for this scarf on the website of Morehouse Merino, where you can also purchase wool, books about knitting and a big variety of other funny patterns. I am planning in soon doing the croco in a green version for me, but first my fingers have to rest a little.

Keep on knitting everyone and have a good day!


  1. Der ist ja großartig geworden! Ich bewundere dich gerade.

  2. Klasse! Ich möchte ein Foto sehen an der Frau...


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