Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday, sunday

Today I had a really productive day.  I finally had the time and guts to start with my own Christmas      cookies, as I use to do every year. What a baking session! But with some Christmas hits from my Rock   Christmas CD, haaaah...what shall I say? I just love Christmas. But see for yourself.

Looking for my cookie cutters in one big box that says "Kitchen stuff". Cookie cutters successfully found; Cinnamon stars: rethought if including them next year again. Not exactly the kind of "no worries"- cookie; Alltime favourites: "Vanillekipferl" (vanilla crescents). No Vanillekipferl - no Christmas! It´s as simple as that; "Mostkekse" (wine cookies with jam): not to sweet, that´s why I like them; the most cheesy table cloth ever seen. But after a whole afternoon with it right in front of my nose, I actually start to like it; made "Glühwein" (mulled wine) for my Spanish friends. A new experience for them, but I think they enjoyed it.

Happy sunday :)


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  1. Ich hab als kind irgendwie zuviele Vanillekipferl gegessen, dafür viel zu wenig Zimtsterne :-)


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